Posted on: August 26, 2008 7:25 am

The Season Begins!

Finally! Man what a long summer! I am still stuck out here on the West Coast and hating it! These Husky fans are ridiculous! I mean they are so arrogant, but I have to tell ya' those Duck fans may be worse! I can't wait till 2013! Goin' to the Pond decked out in Orange, doin' some bird huntin'.

Anyway, to the important stuff, like UCLA! I will be surprised if we don't win by two touches. With all the injuries and the new coaching staff. However, UCLA can read so I know they will be fired up by all the disrespect. We also struggle out West! It does make me a little nervous taveling this far this early. Hopefully it will pay off come Sept 20th. I plan on flying down for the UCLA game! If anyone is going let me know.

These suspensions I think are good in a way. I think these suspensions hurt all that much, maybe a little for rotation and rest. I don't think UCLA will be able to move the ball unless the somehow produce a passing game. I just hope our offnese can move the ball against their D. They have been solid the last few years on the D. I feel if we can get an early lead the game could be a blow out, but if the game remains close and low scoring UCLA could sneak up. I do think we will get them though. GO VOLS!!!!!

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